The Universe is Trying to Tell Me Something

I’m sitting in some other teacher’s fourth grade class as a sub. It’s a short time I am here, the students are at recess, and I’ve come to the realization that I may never teach full time. Sure, right now I’m working full time as a sub, but that long term or permanent position is always out of reach. Most recently I lost out on a position I am highly qualified for and was told it was because the principal thought another person would be a better fit, BUT if I need a recommendation he would be happy to give me one. Not even a few hours later I hit him up on it and he says he needs more time seeing how I teach before writing one… Okay, so he has enough info on my teaching to not hire me for ONLY the rest of the year but not enough to write the recommendation he offered … hmm.

What I am learning in my district is, if you are a great, flexible substitute principals are reluctant to hire you and remove you from the much needed sub pool. This is not the first time I’ve been in a building where they LOVE me as a sub but hire outside of the sub pool for positions I can easily fulfill.

So what does this have to do with being an author? This blog is, after all, about me as an author, right? Well, I also have recently been hounded by you fans to finish Changes, or to start Cesair’s Chronicles. My author email has also been receiving messages related to the writing industry, but are some form of spam. To me, this says my books are worth while and getting noticed, even by websites associated with reading and writing.

What these events boil down to is me seeing that the universe is telling me I should write. Sure, I’m a good teacher. I’ve had parents tell me they want me teaching their children. I’ve had kids of all ages tell me I’m awesome and the best teacher they know. However, I don’t tend to fit a lot of the status quo. I don’t hold back information. I have VERY high expectations. I believe all students’ thoughts and beliefs are important and should be shared and heard, especially when they differ. And, I firmly believe science is THE most important thing in school and NOTHING in science should be held back, no matter the age. These beliefs put a wedge between me and most educators–hint to why our schools are struggling in America– because they don’t think this way. Most teachers won’t go near evolution, usually for personal reasons.

Well universe, I’m listening. More time will be devoted to writing and less on me worrying if I will ever fit into a rigid mold which is afraid to change. Personally, I’d rather fit in the erotic/romance/sci fi writer mold. ūüėČ


Passing Judgement on Content BEFORE Finishing… Hmm?

Now, I will be the first to admit that I have not finished every book I have read but when this does happen it is usually because it is so poorly written, not because I think what is happening doesn’t make sense. As a writer, and long time reader, I know every¬†detail to the plot is not laid out for you or spoon fed to you in a story. If they were than the story would be boring and/or predictable. So, why for the love of god would someone¬†review a story and say they¬†didn’t finish it because they¬†had no idea what was going on? I am totally flabbergasted someone would¬†let the world know how much of a moronic reader they actually are. I couldn’t believe someone passed judgment on the entirety of the story before they even had a chance to discover¬†some of the explanation to¬†a small portion of what was¬†happening in the story. The real funny thing is, not a single reader to my stories knows exactly what is happening to the protagonist yet. No one will know until the END of the last book when the big reveal happens and you all are like, “Oh, well that makes EVERYTHING make sense.”

As a writer I have faith in my readers that you are intelligent people who don’t want me to hold your hand and detail every last little thing to you so there is no mystery or suspense. If you are the kind of person who needs that sort¬†of coddling, go elsewhere. You will never, ever, ever make it past the abstract emotional parts of my stories to get to where you know what is going on. Does that seem mean? Maybe. But¬†its better to scare away the reader who needs simple stories than to have that person¬†read what I have to offer and complain that they don’t know what is going on.

Okay, so … that is my not so nice author rant. They may come from time to time. I believe this one comes from frustration over slow as molasses progress. But, in the writers world, “them the breaks.” …kind of like dealing with negative readers lol!