Wear vs. Were (capitalized) and my Singular Battle

Okay, so I knew this would be an issue when I decided to go against the grain and make the shortened version of werewolf wear instead of Were, but I thought you all might like an explanation and may possibly want to join me in my battle. My reason for choosing wear is mainly for readability. If you come across a sentence where a were-animal of sorts is shortened the use of the word Were doesn’t read right, your brain does not pronounce it as wear which makes the reader re-read the sentence. My second reason is just that it makes sense. No one uses the original pronunciation anyways, which did sound like were in front of the word wolf, and shortening it to wear verbally in movies and TV is common now, and that’s fine. Why, might you ask. Well, think of it this way: a werewolf, werecat, wererat, and so on, are people who are changing into that particular animal. In that sense you can say they are wearing the skin of the animal they are changing into. Thus, wear makes more sense. BOOM! I win. lol
Now, who will join me in the literary battle to change Were to wear so reading our favorite books about wears will make more sense? You know you want to 😉


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