So when looking for stuff on the inter-webs I found a site that is like those freelance bid sites I have seen before. I like this one though because the stuff starts at $5. In order to spread my name out there and help budding indie authors, or folks who want to be an author but need a bit of help, I have put up a few ‘gigs’ on fiverr. One is nuts but will be fun. I am offering to write up to 10,000 words of your idea for only $5! Now, it won’t be no fancy, epic work. This would be a first-run, no edit rough draft someone can build on. If the person likes what they get though they can edit and publish under their own pen name with just a thank you to me, no note why, just a thanks, in the acknowledgements. The other two ‘gigs’ I’m offering is conversion for publication to Smashwords or Amazon. They are both $5 each too and will be a quick way to make a buck or two lol.

Check out the short story offer below and make your won gig if you want 😉



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