Sometimes it’s all worth it … and hey, a free book!

My aching fingers, my aching bottom. After putting Coming Home up I noticed, after downloading and reading on my iPad, there were still LOOOOOTS of errors. FML, right? Well, lesson learned. I need to upload my books on Smashwords then immediately download them to edit. I have to read them in iBooks while I have my laptop open to make the edits. Time consuming? Yes. I’ve read Coming home for edits like eight times now … ugh. But, now I know the process even though I’m sure there are still some errors. Reading as a reader makes it much easier to see those errors, but as the author I will not find them all. As an indie author who is poorer than poor and just starting out, this is my only option since I can’t afford editors at this point in the game.

So, after drudging through and editing, I’m hoping for the last time on my end, I decided to see if there has been any feedback on the near done book since it’s been technically out for a week or whatever now. I’m happy to say someone still loved it and is looking forward to the next 😀 One post like that on Facebook was exactly what I needed after a long day of editing Annan’s first book. Thank you Laura. Having you as a new fan, and seeing that post, really made my week. You rock!

Thanks all for the read,



Oh, and if you want to read Annan’s first book it is free:


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