So when looking for stuff on the inter-webs I found a site that is like those freelance bid sites I have seen before. I like this one though because the stuff starts at $5. In order to spread my name out there and help budding indie authors, or folks who want to be an author but need a bit of help, I have put up a few ‘gigs’ on fiverr. One is nuts but will be fun. I am offering to write up to 10,000 words of your idea for only $5! Now, it won’t be no fancy, epic work. This would be a first-run, no edit rough draft someone can build on. If the person likes what they get though they can edit and publish under their own pen name with just a thank you to me, no note why, just a thanks, in the acknowledgements. The other two ‘gigs’ I’m offering is conversion for publication to Smashwords or Amazon. They are both $5 each too and will be a quick way to make a buck or two lol.

Check out the short story offer below and make your won gig if you want 😉



Sometimes it’s all worth it … and hey, a free book!

My aching fingers, my aching bottom. After putting Coming Home up I noticed, after downloading and reading on my iPad, there were still LOOOOOTS of errors. FML, right? Well, lesson learned. I need to upload my books on Smashwords then immediately download them to edit. I have to read them in iBooks while I have my laptop open to make the edits. Time consuming? Yes. I’ve read Coming home for edits like eight times now … ugh. But, now I know the process even though I’m sure there are still some errors. Reading as a reader makes it much easier to see those errors, but as the author I will not find them all. As an indie author who is poorer than poor and just starting out, this is my only option since I can’t afford editors at this point in the game.

So, after drudging through and editing, I’m hoping for the last time on my end, I decided to see if there has been any feedback on the near done book since it’s been technically out for a week or whatever now. I’m happy to say someone still loved it and is looking forward to the next 😀 One post like that on Facebook was exactly what I needed after a long day of editing Annan’s first book. Thank you Laura. Having you as a new fan, and seeing that post, really made my week. You rock!

Thanks all for the read,



Oh, and if you want to read Annan’s first book it is free:

Shameless promotion

Okay, okay. So, usually I keep the whole read-my-book crap off of my blog but this time I’m breaking my rule. Smashwords is having a site-wide sale and I have added Amelia and Lucius’s story to the promotion. It is FREE for the month of July. At checkout enter the code SW100 and the book is yours free. This is only good at Smashwords so you have to download the book from there. Click the link below and tell your friends. I love this vampire romance and I hope you do too.