Life, Changes, and Consistencies

Here comes another double edged update in life: My boyfriend is now my fiancé. This is double edged because it is wonderful and exciting and I can’t wait for our renaissance festival style wedding…yes I’m serious, that is NOT a joke 🙂 On the other hand, some of my free time is now devoted to wedding plans and not writing. However, I am still setting aside as much time as I can for that. I have allocated, and budgeted time for the wedding stuff allowing me to still focus on Annan and getting those first two books out. Two is going in an odd direction, which seems to be consistent with these characters :/ , but when I work on it and go over what I had most recently written, I’m engaged and excited to see where they go next.

So, though life is being life and some changes have occurred, there are still some consistencies. One of which I’m finding out, is that I am a slow writer lol! Of course, since I am a one gal show right now—no beta readers, editors, or proofreaders as of yet—taking the writing slow is best. After all, I want my stories to sound as good to you in your mind as they do in mine. 

Well, later everyone and check out my new logo created by my talented stepsister. It will be in all future books, in updated versions of current ones, and shamelessly splashed all over the internet wherever you will find me 😉



The Balancing Act

Recently I have gone back to work, which is great for the family’s finances but not so great for my writing. Before working I would write 6-8 hours a day, but now I can’t seem to find a single hour. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my career. I am one of the few people in the world who can say they do not feel like they are at work when they are working; I am blessed in this sense. But, what about my writing?

Writing never felt like work, it’s more like an addition. When I don’t write I get bitchy and irritable. When I do write I want to write more, I hovel away and ignore everyone, completely absorbed in the world I’m creating. This has been a point of contention for me as well since no one seems to understand how much I feel the need to write…but, that is a blog for another day.

For today, for now, how do I find my balance? How do I work my great, fun career and feed my addiction? Some may say, “Write at work, on break.” But, I can not and will not write romance in an elementary school—I may be addicted to writing but I love my job and a school is no place for literary smuttery. When I went back to work I thought I could just write at night, but after 8 hours of working, helping three kids with homework, then cooking dinner I’ve found I am too exhausted to pen a single sentence.

So, grumbles and sighs, I need to play the balancing act. I was able to write all day yesterday but I didn’t get to on Saturday, that other point of contention got in the way and my whole Saturday was usurped by my mother. I did take today off—subbing allows for a lot of freedom—to catch up on chores and to write but I can’t take too many days off, I have to work.
Looking on the bright side, though, it has only been a week and as more of my books hit the e-shelves I will be able to write more and use subbing as a way to generate extra income. Until that day, it will be slow going and books will take longer to get out because I will not sacrifice quality and I also won’t sacrifice my job. It’s all about balance and I know I can do it. Besides, why can’t I have everything in life? The answer is: I can.

Blogs, blogs, who really reads blogs?

Okay, so here’s the deal. As an indi-author I know it is vital for me to build a platform so my readers can find me and share my work easier. One of the resources I can use is blogs. But, who really reads these now of days? I read books, and write books—obviously—and I update my Facebook and Twitter as progress is made, but I don’t scour the net reading blogs.

Of course, as a consumer I also do not use Twitter and it has been a huge help in spreading the word. So, I can not, and will not snub blogs. But, this will not be another update on all things writing, this blog will be a view inside my messed up head.

I have decided to make this my free speech forum where I will write whatever is on my mind so you, my fans, or whoever you are—and how did you find my blog if you are not yet a fan?—can get to know me a little better.

Well, that’s it. This has been blog #1, laters all.